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Under the guise of Ricochet, Juttla has three tracks used on Aphrodite’s superb and classic ‘Full Force’ mixed compilation. Juttla’s tracks ‘Psycho’, ‘Spirals Of Jazz’ & ‘Blue Omen’ feature in the mix alongside tracks from Alex Reece, Photek, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, Rob Playford, EZ Rollers, Mickey Finn, D’Cruze, Nookie, Optical, Simon ‘Bassline Smith’, the legendary Goldie and many more. For more info check out

Under the guise of Ricochet, Juttla’s track ‘Psycho’ from the ‘Spirals Of Jazz EP’ gets licensed to one of Germany’s most successful dance labels ZYX Records Germany for this early ground-breaking double CD compilation simply entitled ‘Drum’n’Bass’. Other artists featured on this release include Metalheadz artists Source Direct, Freestylers, Aphrodite, DJ Red, Pascal, Capone and more.

This four track EP produced by Juttla under the guise of Ricochet features four tracks ‘Spiral Of Jazz’, ‘Blue Organ’, ‘Auto Sax’ and ‘Psycho’ which all well received from some of the UK’s biggest names in jungle. Check it out here

Juttla joined the ranks of big named drum’n’bass acts in 1994 when he released this 12” on the legendary Back2Basics label. This double A-sided 12” was well received by DJ’s from the UK and overseas. Even though this is more than fifteen years old you can still grab this 12” from the following link.

Juttla’s first release was an EP that came out on Jungle label Three Scars. Recording under the guise of Silverfox this underground 12” vinyl release featured four tracks ‘Dreaded Beast’, ‘Madam Sin’, ‘Unknown Assailant’ and ‘The Dawndest Thing’. This 12” is now deleted and a collector’s item.